Neophile: The Bridge House

I’ve seen this house in my dreams for weeks now, maybe months. I didn’t know where or what it was until recently, but I knew it was here. Waiting for me. Calling to me. Now I’m here, and it’s creepy as. Haunted? Possessed? I don’t know, but whatever it is, I’m not sure I’m going to be able to leave again. --- Neophile is an adult audio fiction podcast, following the adventures of Kasey James.


2 days ago

Kasey finds a way to light up the aetherstone! Unfortunately, things have gotten complicated, and that timeline for Bad Things (tm) happening has sped up. It turns out that blundering your way through a haunted house full of eldritch horrors can get you into trouble...

Friday Sep 09, 2022

In which Kasey James continued to explore The Bridge House, meets a creature made almost entirely out of bugs and teeth, and is invited to come and retrieve a friend from the Dreamlands.

Friday Aug 26, 2022

Kasey James discovers a garden in the basement, and learns how to close cracks in reality. She also doesn't get dragged into the depths by the vodnik, or any related entities. We also learn a little mroe about Kasey's missing friend, Eddy - the one who vanished the last time Kasey ran into some sort of haunting. This episode once again features vocals by Michele Ong as Arial.

Friday Aug 12, 2022

Kasey meets another denizen of the Bridge House, not quite a ghost but not human either. An artificial being, who seems to know more about what's really going on than anyone really should.. This episode features guest vocals by Michele Ong, as Arial. She'll be back in later episodes.

Friday Jul 29, 2022

In which our intrepid heroine makes her way into the master bedroom, encounters a somewhat curious stone obelisk, and also a very disturbing creature that appears to have climbed out of a puddle. In which it could not possibly have fit. The Haunt also makes another appearance. You didn't think he was going to just stay in the Tower and wait, did you?

Friday Jul 15, 2022

Fleeing the tower library and its strange inhabitant, Kasey James explores a little of the first floor of the Bridge House, including gallery - wherein are a number of curious artworks and a rather disturbing statue. Or is it only a statue?

Friday Jul 01, 2022

Kasey James retreats from the kitchen and heads upstairs to the tower, bypassing several ghost-signs to find something, or someone, waiting in The Tower.

Friday Jun 17, 2022

Our intrepid heroine ventures further into the Bridge House, through the music room and its memories and into the kitchen. We experience creepy visions, chanting, and sleep paralysis - or is that an actual haunt?

Friday Jun 03, 2022

Kasey James investigates the first two rooms of the haunted Bridge House, and encounters a ghost (or memory?) of its owner, one Keziah Gilman.

Friday May 27, 2022

Kasey James arrives at The Bridge House.


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